I board rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils. I will also consider small birds and rats, space permitting.

This could be for the duration of a holiday, but also for the more stressful life events such as moving house, having work done on the home or even hospital stays. Sometimes life doesn't always go as planned.

I am very reliable, respectful and am often available at short notice. Let me take away the worry of where your furries will go for the time being whilst you work things out.

If your animal enjoys being handled, they will be given lots of cuddles and handling time...or if they are more shy and prefer to be left alone, I will work around them quietly and gently.

I am very experienced in all aspects of animal care and would love to get to know more about pets you have.

I also offer a rabbit bonding service; if you are interested in getting rabbits bonded please contact me for a chat. Bonding rabbits is a wonderful way to give a rabbit a companion. Ideally rabbits should be housed in pairs as a minimum, particularly when living outside.

I perform light housekeeping duties and do a full clean during a longer stay.

All animals have fresh fruit and veg on a daily basis; if you can't supply their usual dry food please let me know. I use Excel feed.

Incase of illness or injury, animals are taken to my choice of Veterinary Surgery (Cameron and Greig, Tillicoultry) and you will be immediately contacted.

I love talking all things animal, please contact me with any questions you might have, or just to say hello.

Laura x