Price per lodge per night:

Rabbit (single): £6

Rabbit (pair): £8

Guinea pig (single): £6

Guinea pig (pair): £8

Hamsters: £4.50

Gerbils: £4.50

Drop offs and collections are between 9-5pm, other times if you are going away, please just ask.

I can provide 100cmx50cm rodent cages at no extra cost if needed but would always encourage you to use an animals familiar home.



Rabbit dry groom: £8

Rabbit shampoo & groom: £15

Guinea pig dry groom: £8

Guinea pig shampoo & groom £13

All grooms include deshedding, nail trim, eyes & ears cleaned, glands cleaned and a light visible health check. 

Animals are not shampooed to the skin. I work with professional standard, animal friendly products.

I am not a replacement for a Vet but can offer husbandry advice and recommendations. I would always recommend you see a Vet annually for check ups.

Rabbit bonding:

£70 for an intensive week, no charge if it overruns a week. £30 paid before the bond, and £40 paid only after a successful bond.

A4 Watercolour pet portrait by me:

I am an experienced portrait painter. Ask me about painting your furry for you, during their stay with me. An example of my work is underneath, here.

©Laura Hedges Art, Ba MSc